The IGTO is responsible to promote travel and tourism to Israel to all Canadians of all walks of life, ethnic background, religion or interest. The IGTO is a resource for those interested in travelling to Israel, and for the travel trade including airlines, travel agents and tour operators interested to add Israel to their menu of international destinations that they sell.
    The IGTO acts as a liaison to assist groups and individual travellers interested with any critical traveller information including faith based religious institutions and their respective leadership, special interest community groups and schools in Canada. We also welcome inquiries from the media including travel and lifestyle, and faith based media to learn more about Israel, and we lobby any media to visit Israel and document their discoveries for their audiences whether in print, on TV or radio, or via the Internet.
    Over the past few years, Israel has evolved into a favourite “A”-list modern world-class tourist destination. It is a varied and fascinating country with five geographic and climate zones, and features attractions for visitors of all interests – from sun worshippers to adventure travellers, food and wine connoisseurs to cultural pursuits, from history and spiritual seekers, to scuba, cycling and extreme sports enthusiasts, and everyone in-between.
    The IGTO and Israel Ministry of Tourism maintains an extensive website, http://canadavisitisrael.comwhich provides information on tourist attractions, events, cities and sites, suggested itineraries, accommodations, digital maps and contact information for travel agents and tour companies who specialize in selling Israel.
    Printed materials, including general brochures, faith and denominational specific information for religious travel, travel maps, posters and even audio visual materials are available upon request.
    Our staff is available to assist individuals and groups with questions about Israel travel.
    We welcome your inquiries and comments, or requests via telephone or email.
    Israel Government Tourist Office (IGTO)

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