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Consul General Yehuda Yaakov

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    Picture: Nir Landau
    Yehuda Yaakov has been the Consul General of Israel to New England since February 2014. He has focused largely on strengthening business, academic and social justice partnerships between Israel and New England. He is also regularly involved in regionally-based coexistence projects. 

    Consul General Yaakov has spent most of his diplomatic career on issues pertinent to Israel’s security. This experience has included heading the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s department for non-conventional weapons prevention (2004-2007), as well as establishing and running the homeland security and counter-terrorism unit (2001-2004). In 2012, he received the Ministry's award for excellence for his work on the Iranian crisis. 

    He has also served outside Israel in New York and New Zealand. 

    Yaakov’s diplomatic career has also included academic pursuits. In the spring of 2013 he published a translated version of his Haifa University master’s thesis analyzing the nuclear negotiations strategy of Iran's currant president Hassan Rouhani. 

    Yaakov grew up in Queens, New York, and received a BA in journalism and international relations from Syracuse University in 1982. The following year he moved to Israel where he served in the Israel Defense Forces. He and his wife Ofra of 29 years have two adult-age daughters. 

    Although he grew up in Queens, New York, today Consul General Yaakov is a committed member of Red Sox (and Patriots) Nation.​


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