Consulate General of Israel to New England


The Consular Office will Close at 12:15pm on Monday, December 22, 2014 מדור הקונסולרי יסגר בשעה 12:15 ביום ב' 22.12.2014 The Consular Office will be Closed on Thursdsay, December 25, 2014 מדור הקונסולרי יהיה סגור ב25.12.2014
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PM Netanyahu departs on official visit to Rome

PM Netanyahu: We will not accept attempts to dictate to us unilateral moves on a limited timetable and will rebuff any attempt that would put terrorism inside the State of Israel.
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​Yehuda Yaakov​ has served as Consul General of Israel to New England since February 2014.​

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Consulate General of Israel to New England
20 Park Plaza,
Boston, MA 02116

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Tel: (617) 535-0201
Fax: (617) 535-0255

Monday To Friday ​

10:00 - 13:00

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