Israel Film Festival 2019

27th Israel Film Festival in Singapore

    Every year, we strive to bring the best in Israeli cinema, introducing our audience to the rich culture, exquisite food, amazing people and phenomenal experiences. It is through these films that you will get to explore and experience the true Israeli culture!
    This year, we curated six compelling stories about challenges.
    We began the festival this year with “The Other Story”, a moving film about women and family.
    Anat and Sari are fighting personal battles between secular and religious world views when their paths cross as their families tangle in the most unexpected of ways. This is a rollercoaster ride that leaves us feeling poignant as we watch both women confront the adversities in their lives.
    The line-up of films this year also included; Echo, a tale about love and its darkest secrets. Laces; a heart-warming story about father and child. Family in Transition documents the journey of a family going through a drastic change. The Unorthodox speaks of the determination of a father to foster change in his city.
    We ended the festival on a lighter note as we join three friends find their way back home in The Last Band in Lebanon.
    We hope the selection this year left you with a whale of emotions and wanting more.
    Here are some pictures from the opening night