Working Holiday Scheme

Working Holiday Scheme

    The Israel-New Zealand Working Holiday Scheme (WHS), which was launched in November 2011, offers 200 places to New Zealanders to stay and work in Israel for up to 12 months. It’s part of an agreement between the respective governments to give young people from both countries the opportunity for a new cultural experience.
    Israel boasts a youthful culture. And because there are so many things a young Kiwi visitor to the country might be doing—from enjoying the great outdoors and classic historical sites to the vibrant life of sun-baked Tel Aviv—the Government of Israel is now offering a limited number of visas for younger New Zealand visitors to appreciate it all the more.
    The main assumption of the scheme is that participants in Israel must be there on holiday, with work being a secondary intention to their visit. Holders of WHS visa may, however, work for up to three months at any one place during their visit.
    The other main requirements are listed below.
    - have a New Zealand passport valid for at least 18 months from the visa’s date of issue.
    - be aged 18-30 (inclusive).
    - not be accompanied by children.
    - hold a return-ticket to Israel.
    - have a minimum of NZ$3,000 in available funds to meet your living costs while in Israel.
    - have a medical certificate from a GP showing that you have an acceptable standard of health—which is to say, you are not sick with infectious or chronic diseases (such as tuberculosis, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea or HIV) that can be a danger to public health or impose significant demands on Israel’s health services.
    - have a police clearance certificate from every country you have been in for 12 months or longer during the past five years.
    - have proof of comprehensive medical insurance for the length of your stay.
    - Have not held an Israeli Working Visa in the past.
    How to apply

    Please send the following to the Consular Section by mail to the following address:
    Embassy of Israel
    PO Box 25485
    Wellington 6146

    2. A copy of the photo page of your New Zealand passport.
    3. Two recent passport photos (5x5).

    You will then need to deposit the fee of NZ$56. This can be done via direct or online banking.
    Account Name: Embassy of Israel

    Bank: ANZ

    Account No: 01-0505-0439510-00

    In the 'Particulars' field: please write your full name

    In the 'References' field; please write the word "Working Holiday Visa", or "WHS".

    We will then send your application to Israel for authorisation. This usually takes about 2 weeks.
    During this period, please send us further documentation:
    1. A copy of your return ticket to Israel.
    2. A recent New Zealand bank statement.
    3. Your passport.
    4. A copy of your medical insurance policy.
    5. A medical certificate.
    6. A police-clearance certificate.
    The Embassy reserves the right to decline any application without refunding the application fee.
    If your application is successful, you will have to come to the Embassy in person for identification, so that we will be able to issue you with a visa valid for entry for three months from the date of issue. Upon your arrival into Israel, you will be issued with a multiple-entry visa, valid for 12 months, by the Passport Control Authority.

    If you have any queries regarding the process, please contact our Consular Section via email:​