Shalom and Welcome,
Let me open the door for you and be your guide through Israel, its people, landscapes, culture and history. Let me present you the Embassy and its efforts in enhancing the long friendship between our peoples.


H.E. Yahel Vilan


Due to local and Jewish holidays, Embassy will not be working on the following dates during 2021
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Embassy of Israel in Belgrade
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Tel: + 381 11 3643500
Fax: +381 11 3643555

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    • 29.09.2020
      Ambassador emphasized that improvement of the business environment in Serbia opens space for new investments by Israeli companies and an increase in the volume of trade.
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    • 16.09.2020
      Wishing Ambassador Vilan a successful diplomatic post in Belgrade, President Vučić expressed satisfaction with the constant progress of the political dialogue and economic cooperation between Serbia and Israel.
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    • 31.07.2020
      During her term in Serbia, H.E. Alona Fisher Kamm, advocated for building gender equality and empowerment of women and marginalized groups and always promoted the investment and cultural potential of Serbia in the right way.
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    • 24.07.2020
      Speaking about economic cooperation, Fisher Kamm assessed that more and more companies in Israel understand the potential of this region, primarily Serbia, with which Israel is connected by a common history and friendship between the two peoples.
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    How can peace be achieved?
    The dream of a future in which Israeli and Arab children can grow up free from the threat of war and the fear of terrorism unites all Israelis. However, the long history of failed negotiati ...
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