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Consular Services


    During the past several days, we are experiencing a phone disconnection issues, kindly email us for any matter.​

    Please bear in mind that the Israeli International airport will be shut down till 20/02/2021.

    In case of further changes, we will inform accordingly"

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, The Embassy's working patterns have changed.

     For the past eight months we work in capsules, meaning we work in 50% capacity. As a result the work load is twice as we used to during the pre Covid-19 days when it comes to replying to emails, phone calls' etc.

     We do our best to keep the response time as quickly as possible under the current constraints and we would highly appreciate your patience and understanding.

     In order to reply as quickly as possible, we split our service as follows:

     Enquiries regarding entrance to Israel: consular2@hague.mfa.gov.il

    2.       Notary services - consular5@hague.mfa.gov.il – this email address will be up running from February 1st 2021

    3.       Any other consular matters - consular4@hague.mfa.gov.il

    Following the government's decision, all foreigners are banned from entering Israel until January 31st. 2021.

    Dear all,

    Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the Embassy operates on partial capacity.

    For emergency's cases only and after office hours(after (17:30 as well as during weekends) please contact the following number:


    If you intend to fly to Israel and you don't have an Israeli passport, please contact the Consular section at - 0703760413/0703760535

    We appreciate your understanding.​


    Please note that an appointment is required.
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    .The cost of consular services you can find here. ​

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