Israel-Cameroon Relations

Israel-Cameron Relations

    The Republic of Cameroon and the State of Israel have maintained cooperation ties since Cameroon's independence in 1960. Cooperation was temporarily deferred from 1973 (upon the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War), when many African countries suspended bilateral relations with the State of Israel. In 1986, Cameroon was amongst one of the first African countries that renewed diplomatic relations with Israel.
    Cooperation ties between Cameroon and the State of Israel focuses on the transfer of knowledge and technology, to ameliorate the economic and social situation of the country. This is based essentially on the organization of short-term activities, long-term activities and on-the-spot training courses.
    When Israel gained its  independence in 1948, it had the distinction of being the country with the most scientific publications per head of population the world and is a world leader in agriculture, medicine, education, managment, hi-tech, economic and social development.
    MASHAV- The hebrew acronym for Israel's Agency for International Development Coopertaion was created in 1957. It is committed to sharing Israel's social, educational, environmental and sustainable development and technological expertise with countries all over the world. Mashav is now active in 132 countries over the globe. Over the years, almost 210,000 professionals have participated in Mashav courses.