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Ron Dermer, Israel's Ambassador to the United States

Ambassador Ron Dermer is serving as Ambassador of Israel to the United States.




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  • 04.21.2016
    The UNESCO resolution has no practical validity. Nevertheless, we will not permit international entities to blur the Jewish people’s connection to its eternal capital.
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  • 04.18.2016
    The government is investing considerable capital in countering the tunnel threat. This is an ongoing effort that will not end overnight. We are investing in this and will continue to do so with determination.
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  • 04.18.2016
    In the early evening, an explosion on a Jerusalem bus and a subsequent fire led to the injury of 21 people, including passengers on a passing bus and in a nearby car.
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  • 04.14.2016
    There are attempts to rekindle the unrest and the violence, especially over Passover and the Temple Mount. Ahead of Passover, all kinds of extremist elements are spreading lies about our policy on the Temple Mount. We are working against these ...
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  • 04.13.2016
    This is a moment of genuine crisis, and the obligation to avert the outbreak of violence rests upon the shoulders of each and every one of us. Israel is committed to the status quo, is vigilant in its enforcement, and will ensure it is maintained.
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  • 04.04.2016
    At their meeting with PM Netanyahu, the delegation expressed strong support for Israel.
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