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Statement by AmbProsor to the UN Security Council

Israel Under Fire - Operation Protective Edge


Since July 8, 2060 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza, aimed at indiscriminately at Israeli cities and civilians. IDF commences Operation Protective Edge to restore long term peace and security to Israeli civilians.

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Ambassador Ron Dermer is serving as Ambassador of Israel to the United States.

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  • 07.23.2014
    During Operation Protective Edge, UNRWA announced that 20 rockets were discovered hidden in a vacant school in the Gaza Strip. This case of placing rockets in an UNRWA school was not the first incident of its kind in Gaza.
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  • 07.22.2014
    The Hamas tunnel industry used to be a well-known conduit for smuggling weapons, goods, funds and terrorists into the Gaza Strip. Now Hamas is using their tunneling know-how and resources for terrorist attacks on Israeli territory.
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  • 07.20.2014
    Hamas takes advantage of the fact that the IDF avoids attacking targets where it is know there are civilians.
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  • 07.17.2014
    Question and answers from Ambassador Ron Dermer's #AskDermer Twitter Q&A on July 17.
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  • 07.13.2014
    Prime Minister Netanyahu outlined the objective of Operation Protective Edge on CBS Face the Nation: to restore long term quiet and security to Israeli civilians by seriously degrading Hamas and other terrorist groups' capabilities in Gaza.
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  • 07.13.2014
    Ambassador Dermer discusses Hamas' use of civilians as human shields, "This is the difference between Israel and Hamas – we use our missiles to protect our people, they use their people to protect missiles."
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