Opening of “Israel Innovation Day” exhibition at CERN

Israel Innovation Day exhibition at CERN

  •   Remarks by Ambassador Eviatar Manor at opening event
    ​Israel Day at the CERN in Geneva​
  • Photograph: Anna Pantelia
    ​I am very happy to have the opportunity to inaugurate the "Israel at CERN" industrial exhibit.

    I believe the exhibit demonstrates the win-win characteristic of the CERN-Israel industrial relationship which has been beneficial for both parties and will certainly further develop as of December 2013.

    In December, Israel is to become a full member of CERN (Centre Européen de Recherche Nucléaire - European Center for Nuclear Research). I am confident that our membership will open a new era of cooperation and collaboration in science, technology, industry and education.

    The philosophy of CERN and that of Israel are very similar. It is an emphasis on the value of education and the strong relationship and interaction between education, science and society. CERN was not created and does not exist in a vacuum. It is an integral part of what made and continues to make Europe. The relationship between CERN and European society is to be further developed by CERN in the coming years.  

    And so it is in Israel. Jews throughout history valued education and knowledge. Ignorance was never considered bliss. Today, 25% of Israel's population has tertiary education. Civilian R&D is 4/8% of GDP, the highest in the world (WIPO-INSEAD Global Innovation Index 2013). Israel ranks 14 on the Index. The driving force of our economy is technology and the export of the high-tech industry. 50% of Israel's industrial exports is composed of high-tech products.

    For example – Google, Intel, IBM, Broadcom, Qualcom, Microsoft, HP and many others have realized that the innovative and development capacity of Israeli engineers may have a crucial influence on their competitive advantage. Lately, I have read that Apple is to open a strategic development center in Herzelya, one of our high-tech centers. It will employ 1,000 engineers!!

    All these companies have come to Israel because of the high qualifications of Israel's manpower. This quality is defined by the strong relationship of education, science, technology and society.

    This is the common philosophy which CERN and Israel enjoy and you will be able to see some of its fruits here today. This is also why I believe in the future of the CERN-Israel relationship as well as in the enduring and positive effects it will have on both sides.  

    I welcome you to the exhibition. I hope it will demonstrate the potential for a highly beneficial relationship. A relationship that is economically profitable, scientifically wise and enriching from a societal point of view.

    Ambassador Eviatar Manor,
    Permanent Representative of Israel to the UN, Geneva​